Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping Students Engaged and Excited in Their Education

Schools can do a better job by keeping students engaged and excited about their education. Ways that schools can make learning fun are they they can find new ways to teach. Most teachers just teacher the same old, boring way. They stand infront of the class and talk for 45 minutes straight. If once in awhile you have the students teacher the class for a change might be a fun way.

Another idea that I have about how to keep students engaged is the scenery around them. Next year we will have the Ipads so location is no problem. On a nice day why not take the class outside to sit on the picnic benches for class. Or the library on really hot days since its cool in there. The classrooms all look the same so changing it up sometimes will regain the students attention.

Sinally, since we will have Ipads in the hands of every student why not put them to good use. Fun, educational websites are always good. Like Edmodo. If a teacher wants to give a project let it be something that includes the topic and something that the kid wants to do. I know from experience that the most fun projects I had this past year have been the ones that I got to choose what I wanted it to be about. Many projects that are simple and creative are always good because they are like a breather for students. After weeks and weeks of hard studying and lots of work fun little projects are nice.

This is my last blog post for my Web 2.0 class. I will definitely continue blogging on whatever I want because it is a place to share what ever I want. This is a good example of what a nice change is. All of my oher finals for freshman year I will sit in the room for one and a half hours using a scantron sheet and my hand will hurt from writing so much. For this class's final I had to answer a few questions and write this blog. What a fun final! Plus I don't have to go to school to take it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Apps for the Ipads

I think that kids should be able to put what they want on their Ipads. If a teacher wants their students to have a special app for their class than they should be able to. I can see where teachers would think thats students would use games and things like that. When students are in their study period and they don't have any homework what are they going to do. I know that I always play games on my Ipod touch. If there was some way that during class the teachers could see all the apps being run by students during the class. So that they would be able to control what they use in class but that the students would be able to have the things that they want to have on their Ipad. There may be problems with some students but I think that most of the students can be trusted.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Common Sense

This website its the nail right on the head i think. The common sense website is a great way for parents and students to become informed about their school surroundings. It gives parents the knowledge on the technology advancements around the world. Also it tells them exactly what goes on in schools so no matter what their children tell them they really know what happens with their children in school. It also is a reliable source for kids to see and know what is around them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BHS Expectations for Student Learning for Next Year

When the punishing of students adults can be really harsh. The kids maybe follow what their parents did. The adults punishing the kids might have done the same things as the students and they are trying to help prevent that from happening to the students. Instead of suspending them from school you could talk to them and explain what they did wrong why it was wrong. Whe some kids think of suspension thaey just think of it as time off from school and not a time to think about what they did.

After reading the Burlington High School Technology/ Network Acceptable Use Policy seems to be a really good way to know for next year that all of the new technologies and equipment will be protected from any harm. I think that there will still be some problems with students not following the rules because there are always a few that don't listen.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Take a Seat: 5 Office Chair Alternatives

In schools there are hard orange, red, and blue hard plastic chairs. They are so uncomfortable and after awhile they start to kill your back. Every once in awhile you get a tan colored chair that is connected to the desk. Those are the absolute worst. They are slightly tipped back not like a normal chair. They are not at a 90 degree angle but they are not far enought to be a recliner type of chair. My desk in history is one of the tan one and I have to keep moving, then I get up in the end of class my back hurts so much that I feel like I can't walk.

A great investment for the school to make would be that the chairs should be gotten rid of. The 5 Office Chair Alternatives are:  

"The Saddle and Pony Saddle seats, part of Humanscale’s award-winning Freedom seating line, are the most comfortable and versatile stools ever made. The original Saddle and the more compact Pony Saddle accommodate comfortable seating in countless applications. These stools encourage you to sit in a saddle posture, which lowers the thighs, opens up the hips and puts the spine into a healthy lordotic curve. The stools are ideal for shorter term sitting—or even for getting your feet up off the ground by using it as an ottoman."

"The Variable balans® is the perfect instrument for the work at a desk – for children and adults. Runners and kneepads promote an open and dynamic sitting position that keeps your spine in its natural curvature and improves breathing. The chair gives your body the freedom to find its own equilibrium which keeps your back and abdominal muscles working. While tension in back and shoulders is prevented, this ‘active sitting’ improves circulation and oxygen levels; thus concentration and creativity during your work."

"Alternately sitting and standing. Always on the move. That is the secret of the "muvman". Thanks to the patented flexzone® technology the "muvman" gives you support whenever you need it. And freedom of movement when you want it. That is comfortable. That is healthy. That is sitting as it ought to be."

There are two more options and I will tell you more tomorrow because you will want to hear about them.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Cafeteria Food

The Food Revolution that Jamie Oliver is creating is such a good idea because students are eating horrible food that the schools are providing. All the food that the schools are getting is processed and made with nasty cheap scarps that they can sell for really cheap. They only care about is the money that they make. They use cheap stuff and sell it making and that is how they make a profit.

The schools teach their students how to be healthy and then they send them off to lunch where they eat junk. What Jamie Oliver is trying to do is that he wants schools to continue teaching about being healthy and then follow through with the lesson at lunch time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goal 5: Reflect, Step Back, Act

Goal number 5 asks us to reflect on your best and worst lesson this week or last semester then share this reflection and to read comments on the blog and respond to some of the questions and struggles of others in our community!

Yesterday I had a track meet. I was placed into the 800 meter race which I was nervous about running since it would be my first time. So, my worst lesson was that as I was at the starting line my coach goes "just run but not to fast and not to slow and don't go to fast on your first lap and then go faster on the second lap."

The best lesson was in Geometry class we normally are all completely lost and have no idea what is going on. For the past few days we have been learning about circles and how to use the sin, tan, and cos buttons on the calculator. I so happy because I actually understand it. That is the best school lesson that I have learned especially in that class.