Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping Students Engaged and Excited in Their Education

Schools can do a better job by keeping students engaged and excited about their education. Ways that schools can make learning fun are they they can find new ways to teach. Most teachers just teacher the same old, boring way. They stand infront of the class and talk for 45 minutes straight. If once in awhile you have the students teacher the class for a change might be a fun way.

Another idea that I have about how to keep students engaged is the scenery around them. Next year we will have the Ipads so location is no problem. On a nice day why not take the class outside to sit on the picnic benches for class. Or the library on really hot days since its cool in there. The classrooms all look the same so changing it up sometimes will regain the students attention.

Sinally, since we will have Ipads in the hands of every student why not put them to good use. Fun, educational websites are always good. Like Edmodo. If a teacher wants to give a project let it be something that includes the topic and something that the kid wants to do. I know from experience that the most fun projects I had this past year have been the ones that I got to choose what I wanted it to be about. Many projects that are simple and creative are always good because they are like a breather for students. After weeks and weeks of hard studying and lots of work fun little projects are nice.

This is my last blog post for my Web 2.0 class. I will definitely continue blogging on whatever I want because it is a place to share what ever I want. This is a good example of what a nice change is. All of my oher finals for freshman year I will sit in the room for one and a half hours using a scantron sheet and my hand will hurt from writing so much. For this class's final I had to answer a few questions and write this blog. What a fun final! Plus I don't have to go to school to take it!

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